Explained by a Dependable Home Inspection Service Provider

A big part of all property owners have never had their property inspected. Performing a regular “safe and clean” inspection is crucial, but the “move-out” and “move-in” that have to be done at the beginning and the end of a tenancy are the one thing that can be the deciding factor whether you, as the landlord, get to keep the security deposit or not. Overall, they are 4 types of inspections that a home inspection service provider can perform. So if you are curious to know more, below we have offered some more information about each of them.

Move-In Inspection

This inspection should be done during the move-in process. It needs to be performed by the tenant, it has to be documented and you also need to be present when a tenant is moving into your property. The tenant needs to walk around the property and document every problem they come across because every single one can be a deduction from their deposit when they are moving out.

Leaving the inspection in the hands of the tenant is usually better because that way they won’t be able to ever say they weren’t familiar with the condition of the property they rented. Once the inspection is completed, the tenant has to sign the documents and give them back to the professionals who provided them in the first place. If there are some small issues like a stain of the carpet or the wall, a picture has to be taken and be placed in the “move-in” inspection documents file.

Routine Safe and Clean Inspection

This is a regular inspection that needs to be done in order to make sure that the property is clean and safe. It has to be done every 3-6 months, and it case it’s done more rarely, you will loose the control of the overall condition of your property. When this inspection is being done, the things that you need to look for are the things that the tenant has done. Don’t forget to document everything and support it with photos.

Drive-by Inspection

This inspection doesn’t need any pre-notification in order to be done. All that has to be done is to drive by and observe. If there are any issues that can be seen on the outer part of the property, the tenant should be notified and a “safe and clean” inspection should be scheduled.

Move-out Inspection

The “move-out” inspection is the chance of any property owner to determine the overall condition of the property once the tenant is leaving it. The inspection has to be done when you are getting back the keys because it has to be performed in the presence of the tenant. That way issues with the deposit can be avoided.

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