Home buyers often have no idea what home inspections will disclose. Even more they are clueless about what a home inspection should include as well as they have difficulty deciphering a home inspection report. Also, studies have showed that home buyers are doing a home inspection because they ‘have to’, but they are not informed well enough to understand which of the problems presented in the report are serious, which ones need immediate attention, or if their home inspector has done a proper checking.

Professional home inspector In order to make sure the home inspection report you’re getting from your inspector is accurate and honest, I’ve put together a check-list with all the things a home inspection should include. Following the steps below will give the assurance that what you’re buying, whether it is a house, an apartment or an office, that it has been the subject of a thorough inspection.

  • structural elements. All home inspections should include a proper evaluation of the foundation, ceilings, floors and walls;
  • roof and attic. Type of roof construction, flashing and gutters, ventilation, framing, these are elements that have to be checked and noted by the home inspector;
  • exterior evaluation. Landscaping, elevation, grading, drainage, fences, sidewalks, trim, doors, lights, windows, wall covering and any other exterior receptacle.
  • Plumbing. The home inspector has to identify the type of pipe materials used for drain, waste, vent pipes and potable water pipes. Usually home inspections does not include a sewer system check, so keep in mind to have a specialized contractor for the job in order to make sure there are no problems with the sewer pipes;
  • components and systems. Furnaces, water heaters, fireplace, sprinklers, chimney, duct work, they are all element that have to be inspected and evaluated;
  • appliances. From smoke detectors, garbage disposal to dishwasher and oven, they are all subject to home inspections;
  • electrical system. The electrical work in a home is extremely important as it can be the cause of a potential fire hazard. That is why you have to make sure your home inspector is certified and capable to properly inspect the electrical system. In the home inspection report you should find information about grounding, types of wiring, light fixtures, main panel, circuit breakers and more;
  • garage. Last but not least, the garage has to be inspected accordingly. The inspector should take notes about walls, ceiling, garage door, windows and roof, openers. Vents, firewall, etc.

These are mandatory things that have to be checked when performing home inspections. However, a reliable home inspector such as Dallas Semper Fi Home Inspections can provide a lot more. For many years they have been providing the most honest and reliable home inspections for all residential and commercial clients in Dallas TX. Call them now at (214) 790-7689 and take advantage of their services.