Whether you’re buying, selling or renting, a home inspection is a must. Nowadays, people are skeptical when buying a property, and for them, a home inspection is a guarantee that what they get is what they pay for. So from the seller’s point of view, an inspection comes as a challenge because most of the time, they have no idea what to expect. This article is designed to help those homeowners who what to sell their houses. If you want your home inspection to go as smooth as possible, follow the steps below:

Home inspectors in Dallas, TX1) Make sure all exterior and interior light fixtures work. If the inspector finds out that a light does not work, he will have to make a note that the fixture does not operate correctly, and most of the time it might be just a simple thing such as a burnt out light-bulb. However, the inspector does not know that, and from his point of view, the problem is considered a malfunction in the electrical system.

2) Provide access to the water heater, electrical panel and furnace. The inspector has to check all these and it will take more time if they are blocked or inaccessible. Also, make sure you unlock the electrical panel as the inspector has to remove the cover.

3) Install new filters for your furnace and air conditioning system. A real home inspection includes removing the furnace/AC cover and inspecting the filter. By replacing them on time, you’ll ensure a high rank for the AC/furnace’s evaluation.

4) Make sure the doors and windows operate smoothly. If some are painted shut or stuck, it will give the impression that all the windows and doors need repairs or maintenance. Also, provide keys for window security locks or remove security screws.

5) It also gives a good impression to replace any damaged window screens or to install new ones to all opening windows;

6) Tighten or repair all doorknobs and handrails. Make sure all interior doors close properly.

7) The attic is an important part of a home inspection, every inspector will want to check the roof’s quality from inside the attic. Assure easy access to your attic or pull down. Also, if you use the attic as a storage place, make sure you remove any items that may inhibit the inspector.

8) Safety features is one of the most important parts subjected to evaluation. If you don’t have at least one smoke detector per floor, hire a specialist company to provide you with a proper smoke detector system

9) Empty the dryer and washer so they can be inspected and tested. Also make sure all appliances are working properly.

Once these steps are done, feel free to call for a home inspection. If you’re living in Dallas, TX, hire Dallas Semper Fi Home Inspections as they provide the most accurate services. Call (682) 351-2267 and have peace of mind knowing your home is being evaluated by professionals.