Free Tips from Our Home Inspection Company to Help You Get Your Property Inspection Started

If you are about to purchase a new home, you definitely need to get it professionally inspected before signing your contract. To guide you through the process, the specialists of the qualified home inspection company Dallas Semper Fi Home Inspections have prepared a short list of guidelines specially for you!

Here are the basic points of home inspection:

Kitchen and bathrooms
– Check whether all fixtures are secured and lack cracks
– Check the condition of the tiles and caulking in the shower or tub area
– Check the conditions of the faucets in order to make sure that there are no leaks and the pressure is sufficient
– Check under the countertops for rot and staining
Soffits and fascia
– Check whether there are any loose or missing sections of the fascia
– Check all wooden surfaces for issues with the paint
– Check aluminum surfaces for visible signs of rot
Roof inspection
– Check whether the ridge of the roof is showing a sag or it is straight
– Check for signs of shingle deterioration, especially when the roof is covered with asphalt shingles.
– Check for any loose flashing
Gutters and downspouts
– Make sure that the gutters slope down towards the downspouts
– Check for apparent leaks or sagging sections
Chimney inspection
– Check whether the masonry cap is cracked or broken
– Check for missing or flaking bricks
Windows and doors
– Check for problems with the caulking and the paint around the doors and windows
– Check for rotted wood elements
– Check the windows and doors for cracks
Inspection of wall coverings
– Check for missing mortar, flaking or cracking bricks
– Check for rotten or loose siding, as well as for sections where paint has peeled off

You may need some help from a home inspection company to find out the foundation wall and if it is in a good condition

Of course, there are several other things to consider: porch inspection; foundation inspection; floors, walls, and ceiling inspection; basement inspection, and electromechanical considerations. In order to make sure that every detail is professionally checked, call the office of our home inspection company in Dallas, TX at (214) 790-7689. We are looking forward to working with you!