Learn More About the Radon Inspection Service We Provide

Dallas Semper Fi Home Inspections is a professional company that helps property buyers and sellers by conducting different types of inspections. We are located in Dallas, TX and offer our services to the people in the city but also to many in the surrounding areas. On the other pages of this website, you can find information about every other house inspection service we offer, but on this one here, we want to tell you more about the radon testing we do. Keep reading if this is something you want to know more about.

As you may know, radon is a radioactive gas that has no color, odor, or taste. So basically, unless you get a radon inspection, there is no way you can tell that it’s there. If you are planning to purchase a new house, you should make sure that there is no radon present in it and it’s better for you to get an inspection done. Also, if you are selling a house, having it tested for radon prior to listing it for sale, you will get higher chances of selling it quicker. Whenever you decide to get such an inspection done, just turn to us and we will do everything required in a professional and timely manner.

Our team is comprised of great professionals who have a lot of experience providing different kinds of a house inspection service. We know how to approach any situation and will be happy to lend you a helping hand whenever you need it. We will write a detailed report on everything we find and will make purchasing or selling your house a lot easier. All you have to do is give us a call and book the inspection service you need. We will take it from there!

For more information about the radon inspection service that Dallas Semper Fi Home Inspections provides to the people of Dallas, TX, you should not hesitate to contact us at (214) 790-7689. We are looking forward to your calls!