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Dallas Semper Fi Home Inspections helped many homeowners in Dallas, TX make the right decision. Each of them is grateful for receiving our correct inspections and objective reports. Here you can leave your review or read previous reviews from our customers

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My family decided to move to another state, but we still needed to sell the house first. The first order of business was to find a company that could perform a professional home inspection service, and this is how we found you. You have been very helpful, I will recommend you!

by Rowanda D. Leams on Dallas Semper Fi Home Inspections
Good job.

I have an office that deals with quality homes and apartments. Last month, we had a client that wanted to make a purchase a property but not before having it inspected. Your professional home inspection service was highly recommended by a colleague, and thanks to your company, we made a good deal. Thank you for your assistance!

by Brian D. Warren on Dallas Semper Fi Home Inspections
Professional and quick!

A very close friend of mine bought a house a few years ago, but it turned out that he had to spend more money on replacing its electrical and plumbing system. When the time came for my family and me to get our own place, myfirst mission was to find a professional home inspection company. You did an awesome job, thank you!

by Peter Lee Murphy on Dallas Semper Fi Home Inspections
Thank you!

A few weeks ago, my sister called and told me that she wanted to buy a new home. There was already one she liked, but she wanted me to help her find a company that could perform a proper home inspection service. After looking for a while, your inspection business came highly recommended. Thank you for helping my sister out!

Efficient work!

My grandmother passed away and left her house to me and my brother. Since both of us had our own homes, we decided to sell the place, but we still needed the help of a professional home inspector. It didn't take us long to find your company - you did a good job!

Good work!

I had been searching for a qualified home inspector for quite a while, to inspect the property that I wanted to sell. Your company provided an incredible service, and I am glad that I found you. Thank you for your detailed report!

by Mira Dellington on Dallas Semper Fi Home Inspections
Good job!

For quite a while, I had been in the market for a new house. I found one that I liked, but I wanted to check if everything was alright; so, I needed a company that could perform a proper real estate inspection, and I found your business. Thank you for helping me out, if it wasn't for you, I would have made a very bad investment!

Fast and efficient.

My agency only deals with quality real estate. As providers of a reliable service, we always make sure that the residences we offer are of the highest quality. For this, we regularly hire a professional real estate inspection service provider, and your company always does an amazing job. It is a pleasure to work with your specialists!

by Donnie C. Robinson on Dallas Semper Fi Home Inspections
Efficient inspection!

I was about to sell my house, but I wanted to make sure that everything was alright. The logical decision was to find an experienced house inspection company who could help me out, and after a few minutes on my computer, I came across your business. Thank you for providing me with full information on my house's systems!

Thank you for your help!

There was something really wrong with the interior systems of my residence. I definitely needed a professional house inspection company that could help me out. My sister found your business on the Internet, and I am glad that she did, you performed an amazing job!

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