A real estate inspection report gives the buyer an opportunity to cancel or renegotiate a contract based on the results of an inspector’s visit. Whether you’re buying or selling, inspection reports are a major part of the transaction. As a matter of fact, in some states, the real estate inspection report, or contingency as it is known by professionals, is a mandatory part of a contract.

There are different types of contingencies and they all differ from one house to another. When a real estate inspector checks the building, he takes notes of all structural and visual components of the house. What this means is that the inspector only visually checks the property, without getting into details. If he notices something wrong with the roof for example, he will recommend hiring a roof inspector to have a closer look or a second opinion, as the real estate inspector is not qualified or licensed to perform a thorough roof inspection and repair.

real estate report

These are the most common types of services that real estate inspector’s can recommend :

  • Pest and termites inspection;

  • Lead-Based paint inspection;

  • Electrical inspection;

  • Basement and foundation inspection;

  • Roof inspection;

  • Soil stability inspection;

  • Sewer and drainage system inspection;

  • Trees and vegetation inspection;

  • Mold inspection ;

  • Chimney inspection;

Whatever the reason is for a real estate inspection, the inspector always performs a thorough and honest check of the property. From the plumbing system, electrical network, attic and basement, to landscape evaluations.

Every contingency comes with an expiration date of your choice. Before choosing the expiration date, make sure you read the purchase contract. It is very important to make sure the contingency allows you to cancel the contract (in case major problems were found) before paying the first deposit. This way you won’t be forced to hurry up the inspection, ensuring proper time for a thorough evaluation.

The real estate inspection has to be performed as soon as possible. If, for instance, a problem was found with the plumbing system, the homeowner will have time to hire a reliable plumbing contractor to fix the issue in an efficient way. It is frustrating for your contingency to expire before you have the chance to conduct all the necessary inspections.

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